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Antidote Movement Club


Antidote Movement Club is a dynamic and unique series of movement classes. The creator, Andrea Y., approached me in need of a visual upgrade. 

Andrea is the type of client who has a strong vision of what she wants, and anything that doesn’t match it is an instant “no”. Antidote Movement Club is the culmination of her life’s work and she needed a designer who was able to keep pushing the envelope until the brand matched with the height of her aspirations.

Together we sat down and got down to what was at the heart of Antidote - inclusion, encouragement, and empowerment. After a few different brand explorations, we hit on the one that was a full "YES YES YES!". 



Creator of Antidote Movement Club




Brand Identity

Andrea wanted to create a brand that was iconic and inclusive. One that instantly made you feel like you wanted to be part of it, and then saw that you were eagerly invited in with the tagline: “You Can Sit With Us”.


The core of the Antidote brand is in the typography. I created a series of explorations that had a sense of strength and power, but also movement and fluidity. Andrea’s classes range from strength based movements, to slow gentle stretching, so we wanted to be able to reflect the range of motion of her work in the visuals of the brand.


The photography was a key component of the aesthetic as well. She wanted the images to bring positive emotion and a sense of mystery and cool.



I love to work with clients on everything from copy, brand identity and imagery. When I have a hand in the entire identity across all points of contact I can help to create a deep consistency in both the look and the feel of the work.


I wanted to take portraits that captured Andrea’s energy and her deep connection to body and spirit. With only a handheld colour changing LED, and a blank white wall in my bedroom, we took a series of portraits that not only worked perfectly for the Antidote brand, but also resulted in what she called “The most fun photoshoot ever!”.


Andrea has been part of dozens of photoshoots as a lifelong dancer and entrepreneur, so this was a high compliment. As a photographer I know that the way you make your subject feel is what results in a great image, so I was so glad to have collaborated with, and perfectly captured, this dynamic and incredible woman.

Screen Shot 2022-10-07 at 10.36.46 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-10-07 at 10.39.28 AM.png


The website was the core goal for Antidote Movement Club. Andrea wanted to create a place for her audience to get to know her, discover what makes her classes different, and easily and seamlessly sign up to join Antidote Movement Club.


Visually, we focused on making the site clean, bold and engaging. It was imperative that it was easy to navigate, had inviting copy, and also packed the strong visual punch that was the backbone of the Antidote brand identity.

With strong typography as the focus, we scaled back the colours to only black, white, and grey with a touch of light pink. This approach really let the brand shine, while making the site feel both light and invigorating.


Moving through the site shows many layers of interactivity and engagement. From booking an in-person class to signing up for On-Demand videos, learning about Andrea or diving deep into the classes offered, the Antidote Movement Club website shines as the hub for this powerful brand.

Screen Shot 2022-10-07 at 10.40.23 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-10-07 at 10.40.05 AM.png

Big Lessons

With my work on Antidote Movement Club I learned that people can achieve incredible tasks when they commit themselves to a deadline and collaborate closely to make it a reality.


At no point did we ever cut corners or accept anything less than excellence. We poured over every detail together, and put our hearts into the work. We knew that we were creating the brand in service of the people that Andrea works with - those who are often left out of traditional fitness classes, who haven’t felt included or represented in the brands that dominate the market. We wanted to create something that was so damn awesome, and so damn inclusive, that everyone could finally feel like they belonged in the cool club.


The greatest lesson I learned in this project was that when I can be fully open to constructive criticism, and to see each “No” as simply an encouragement to keep searching and to dig deeper into my creative well, I can create work that hits a new level. I am so much more open to full collaboration, to honouring the wishes of the client, and to committing to showing up day after day until we reach our goals.


I am incredibly proud of the work that we created together.


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