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The ONE Book


The ONE Book is a system-based planner and guide designed to help entrepreneurs, small business owners and creatives.


The author, Kristen Edmiston, is a business consultant who needed help bringing her big dream to life, on a tight publisher deadline.

Each time Kristen and I met to establish our goals and determine our approach, it was like pure creative energy. Ideas flowed and we found a powerful alchemy in our common love of creativity and growth.


With Kristen’s keen eye for detail matching my own, we were able to develop a book that far surpassed anything she had imagined, and is now carried nationally in Chapters/Indigo!



Author of The ONE Book

Top View Book Mockup.png


Brand Identity System

The focus on the brand for The ONE Book was to create something clean, minimal, and inclusive. This is a brand for business owners of all types, so we needed to ensure that everyone could see themselves in the brand.


I developed a logo that captured the concept of The ONE Book - bringing together lots of concepts into a bullseye focus. Then I expanded from there to use geometric shapes, patterns and lines to add visual interest without being too heavy. We wanted the brand to be able to fade away and allow the content of the user to come forward in the book, so it was important to keep the visuals light and clean.


With an engaging colour palette and a balanced use of white space, I was able to create a brand identity that would not only support the book, but be a strong foundation to build on for all the many projects that would follow.


Logo colour variations for The ONE Book brand identity.


Planner Design

Once we established the visual identity it was time to create the book. We ran into a challenge right away - to work within the client's budget, we chose to design in black and white. 

We saw this as an opportunity to create a design that engaged the user, encouraging them to create their own colour code. This not only made the design interactive, it also spoke to one of the underlying principles of The ONE Book theory - the power of creativity to unlock our problem solving capacity.

The planner design is minimal with a focus on clarity and order. Using dot grid as the backbone of the layout allows it to stay light and flexible while still providing a strong structure.

Basic geometric shapes add a design code that represent the main principles of The ONE Theory and offer opportunities to interact with the design. 

Custom colouring pages and shapes bring the user into the book in fun new ways, while balancing important business management concepts.

Top View Book Mockup-3.png
Top View Book Mockup-2.png

Big Lessons

Creating The ONE Book has been an absolute dream project. I got to work with a highly skilled, creative team, all coming together in pursuit of a common goal.


The biggest lesson I learned in this experience was that aiming for outstanding is a worthy goal, but not for the reasons one would typically think. Kristen and I poured over every detail of this book, went through countless edits and revisions, all in pursuit of excellence. But it wasn’t because we were chasing sales or awards. We wanted to create something outstanding because we cared deeply about what people would feel when they held the book in their hands.


Creating excellent design for me about is about establishing relationships with the viewer. It’s about honouring the time, attention and effort that people invest when they interact with my work. It’s about considering the human on the other side of the screen or the page. By considering the details of this book at the highest level, and putting countless hours of work into making it truly excellent, we knew that it would be loved on the other side of the process.


And by all accounts, with customers raving over it as they explore the pages, it seems as thought we achieved our goal.


“When you get to work with someone who makes you feel like they not only ‘get’ your vision, but they also empathetically and wholeheartedly believe in it too, you know you’ve found a dream partner to collaborate with.”

“I have had the pleasure of working with Logan on my largest, career-pivoting project yet and both the experience and the outcome have surpassed my goal of it all being “outstanding”. They took on this colossal challenge with passion, artistry, curiosity and exceptional graphic design skill. We found a beautiful synergy from the start and Logan made me feel listened to, understood, valued, and respected at every stage of the process.


I was amazed and in awe of the creativity that Logan brought to the table and their positivity made me feel safe to take risks and less alone on the journey. Logan possesses a rare form of magic with their incredible eye for detail, big-picture creative vision, and sensitivity (6th sense-kind-of-sensitivity) that helps other bring their creative projects and really big dreams to life.”



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