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Find more joy, connect with your why, and create the life you dream of with
brand strategy & visual design by Logan Gray


Hi, I'm Logan.

Entrepreneur, designer, writer, parent, partner and speaker.

Pronouns: they/he

I've been a creative entrepreneur for 17 exciting years. From wedding photographer to YouTuber, tattoo artist to creative coach - this wild path has helped me find so much happiness, make amazing connections, and see so many dreams come true in my life.

I now have the most amazing job getting to help others bring their own dreams to life through design!

About Me

I work with the leaders
& the innovators.

They are the change makers. The ones who want to shake things up, clear off the dust, and bring new light and new ideas into the world. They have new ways to see things and new ways to do things. They are here to bring more joy. More connection. More love.


I work with people who are bold in their belief, and kind in their hearts. Who place inclusivity and acceptance at the forefront, and never stop learning to be better humans.


I work with those who see their work as their mission and their purpose. Who won’t let fear or doubt stop them because they know, deep down, they are needed for good.


That goodness is in their idea. Their business. Their words. Their magic.


And they are ready to bring it to life.

Go check out some of my amazing clients & see the work we created together!


Kristen Edmiston
 The ONE Book 
• Brand Identity
• Book Design (Published & Available at Chapters!)


Krystal Charlotte
  Journey Into Breath 
• Brand Identity
• Website Design
• Social Media Design

• Newsletter Creation & Writing


Andrea Y
 Antidote Movement Club 
• Brand Identity

• Website Design


Ali Bravo
• Brand Identity

• Website Design


Shaun Sunderland
• Brand Identity

• Website Design

My Clients

Here's How I Help



I start by listening. And I mean really listening. This is your path and your heart and I believe that no one knows it better than you. So I ask questions. I hear your stories. You tell me all about your dreams and big ideas, and we connect over this passion of yours. I give you space and time to share, and hold it all with the utmost of care and empathy.



Then we work together to figure out the path you want to go forward on, and why. This is where so much of the magic lies. When we get really clear about why we want to do something we tap into some seriously fantastic creative energy. Passion. Purpose. Excitement. Trust. We tap into your feelings and intuition, and trust that when it feels like a YES in your whole body, it’s a great sign.



Then the fun part begins. We bring it all to life through the magic of design. When we take all those big ideas and plans, and translate them into the visual, they take on a new power. They become real, and able to connect with others. This is the stuff that I live and breathe, and I will use my 16 years of design expertise to ensure that you and your business come out looking nothing less than outstanding.



I don't just build websites and logos, I also build relationships and teams. My greatest satisfaction comes from watching my clients grow, learn and succeed in their goals. I offer ongoing coaching, strategy, and design services to help you keep moving forward in your business. You don't have to do it alone - it's more fun on a team!

How I Help

“What I found most incredible was how much Logan just listened, took notes and truly cared about who I am and what my business is about. They made it fun, easy to digest and efficient!




Ready to start building your brand?

I'd love to help you bring your big ideas to life through beautiful visuals, websites, products & more! Get in touch and we can set up a free 20 minute discovery call to see how we can work together!

Thanks so much for reaching out! I'll be in touch in 2-3 business days!

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