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Hi. I'm Logan and I play the spoons.

I know that might sound funny - I consider myself a serious musician and at the same time I literally play kitchen utensils that I pull from the silverware drawer. But let me tell you, there is MAGIC in the spoons. And I'm excited to share it with you.

I play both as a solo artist and with many talented musicians. I'm in an amazing band called Celtic Frolic - check us out here.


I'm of the (very biased) opinion that almost every song sounds better with spoons. From pop hits, to country classics, Disney and rock, bluegrass and EDM - the spoons just fit so good.


Don't believe me? Well, stick around. I have a feeling the spoons are going to surprise you...

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About Logan

Logan is a multi-passionate creative with a deep love of the collaborative nature of music.

Born in Edmonton, AB, Logan was trained as a percussionist through junior high and high school, and was a concert and jazz drummer. After a 20 year hiatus from musical performance, Logan picked up the spoons and everything changed.

Now performing regularly with multiple local bands, Logan is also developing a successful career as a solo performer. 

Logan blends storytelling, innovative rhythms, and theatrical performance to deliver spoons in a creative and mesmerizing way. 

Performances & Events


& Rhythm

Wednesday Open Mic

I regularly perform at the Wednesday Night Open Mic at River City Revival House. It's the most magical open mic in a city full of amazing ones. You never know what might happen, but there's always incredible music and wildly talented local artists. Come play with us.


Wednesday Night Open Mic 

No Cover

Music Starts at 8PM


River City Revival House

10030 102 St NW

Edmonton, AB

Breathwork & Rhythm

Come experience the wonderful combination of breathwork and collective rhythm! In this class I guide the group through breathing exercises that help us feel better in our bodies, and then we play percussion together. You'll leave feeling lighter and more connected (and you will make some new friends!)


March 1, 2024

7:00PM - 9:30PM


City & Soul Wellness Collective

11806 126 Street Northwest #202 Edmonton, AB


$35 + Fees

Get your ticket here.


A high energy spoons show that you have to see to believe. A blend of music and storytelling, Logan takes the audience on a spooning journey from Disney to Nirvana, hitting rock, Celtic, bluegrass and more along the way. Prepare to be amazed - you've never seen spoons do this...





Spoons FAQ

When people see me play the spoons they have a lot of questions. Here are a few answers. 

How long have you been playing the spoons?

I started played the spoons regularly in December of 2022.


What made you start playing them?

The holiday season was a stressful time for me and I found that playing the spoons along to some music helped me feel calmer. It was a fun and effective way of working out the tensions I was holding in my body. 

Where are you from?

I was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I have family on the East Coast of Canada, and my heritage is Scottish, English and Irish. I have spoons playing in my blood!

Were you a drummer?

Yes! I was a band kid in both junior high and high school, and played both concert band percussion (snare drum, bass drum, tympani, etc.) and I also played in the school's stage and jazz bands on the drum set. I had a short-lived garage band with my friends in high school (Long live The Neurotransmitters.) We played mostly Jimmy Eat World covers and I had a peak life experience playing Everlong at the high school Battle of the Bands. 

What kind of spoons do you play?

I have a lots of spoons I play!

Metal spoons - These I get from thrift stores. I go in and play the spoons in the bin and take home ones that I like! On average my instrument costs me 50¢. I make leather grips for some of the spoons so I can really rock out with them. Other ones I use as two separate spoons and hold in the standard grip.

Wooden spoons - These are the spoons I started out with! Having them connected made it much easier to learn how to play because I could focus on the rhythm and not worry about the grip yet. The ones I use are made by Heritage Wooden Spoons. They are made by a father and son team in Quebec City, Canada and I highly recommend them. They look beautiful, sound amazing, and are a TON of fun to play. I started with the Medium size, and now I mostly play the Small size. I like how light and fast they are!

How can I watch you play?

Excellent question! You can follow me on Instagram and Facebook where I post clips and details about my live performances!

You can also hire me for your events - I love to bring my energetic and entertaining performance to all kinds of spaces! Contact me to chat details!

How can I start playing spoons?

Head over to your utensil drawer, pick out some spoons, put on your favourite upbeat song and see what happens! You can learn the grip from this Wikihow article (this is how I learned!), and just start playing!


Fair warning - metal spoons are hard to learn on! (At least I found them challenging). If you really feel drawn to the spoons, and are down to spend some cash, pick up a pair of wooden ones and start practicing.


I've found that playing to music I enjoy is the key - some songs work better than others but the point is to have fun, and feel the music. Enjoy!


Book The Spoons!

There are many ways to bring the magic and the joy of the spoons to your world.


Performances & Workshops

The spoons can deliver an unforgettable performance full of energy and joy for your organization, venue or event!

With his innovative approach to percussion, Logan gets the crowd involved and playing together. He aims to leave audiences feeling lighter, happier, and more connected.


Whether you're looking for entertainment, education, or both, the spoons are an innovative and engaging way to bring the magic of music alive for all audiences.

Great news! You can book the spoons for:

  • Birthday parties (all ages!)

  • Launch events

  • Kitchen parties

  • Cultural events

  • Music festivals

  • Weddings

  • Corporate events 

  • Holiday parties

  • Wellness workshops

  • Music workshops

  • Schools

  • World tours

For more information or to book the spoons, click here to contact me!


Recording Sessions & Backup Percussion

Logan Gray is known as an incredibly intuitive percussionist who cares deeply about music and the people he plays it with.

His expertise is on the spoons, the cajon (box drum), and the tambourine. He regularly acts as a supporting percussionist to many of Edmonton's most talented musicians. 

With a focus on connection and flow, he brings an attitude of joy and positive energy to every performance.

He is available as a recording performer and for live gigs as a solo artist or backup percussionist. 

If you're interested in working with me, drop me a line and we'll see if we're a good fit to play together!

Get In Touch

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to share the magic of the spoons. Let's connect!

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  • Facebook
  • YouTube
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