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The FLIP Jr. (White)

The FLIP Jr. (White)

This stylish weighted leather toy is a fun and fashionable way to soothe your nervous system, come into the present moment and work out excess energy.


The FLIP Jr. is a smaller version of the FLIP, making it perfect for kids, or grownups who want something more portable!


This FLIP Jr. is made from a beautiful pebbled white leather, finished with contrasting dark hand stitching.


It's great for:

  • ADHD
  • Studying & test writing
  • Plane anxiety
  • Fidgeting
  • Chronic tension
  • Emotional regulation
  • Cooperative play



Length: 12.5 cm, 5 in

Height 7.25 cm, 2.8 in

Width: 2 cm, 0.8 in

Weight: 80 - 100 g


About The FLIP


The FLIP is our original weighted leather product. It was designed to bring you in touch with your body, your feelings and the present moment.


When you pick it up and hold it, you notice both the weight of the bag and the feeling of the leather.


You move it in your hands, you toss it, you spin it - and you reconnect with your body. From there, it is easier to access your own internal feelings, intuition, and knowing.







The size and shape were chosen to replace the smartphone as a source of comfort and engagement. We've begun to associate our devices with a place to soothe ourselves, but we are actually becoming more disconnected from our bodies when we do that. 


Noticing when we are seeking comfort and finding ways to regulate without a screen are key in feeling more at ease and in touch with ourselves.


Using The FLIP


Made from premium leather and saddle stitched by hand, The FLIP is soothing to touch and engaging to play with it. Flip it, throw it, spin it, fold it, smack it, twist it, stroke it, move the filling around - there are endless ways that the FLIP will help you re-engage with your body. 


The FLIP also makes a great cooperative toy. Toss it back and forth and see how relaxed and fun you can make it. It's a portable and screen-free way to keep kids (and grown-ups) engaged while waiting.


Your FLIP will change and evolve with you over time. The premium leather will wear in, making it feel better to the touch. It will also develop a unique patina, making it truly yours. You may be surprised at how attached you become!


Designed With Somatics in Mind


The FLIP is designed with somatic therapy concepts in mind, and has been used in therapist practices with very positive results. It helps you with resourcing - finding things to support us feeling present, grounded, and safe.


Take it with you into any situations you find stressful or activating, and use it as a way to calm and regulate your way through the emotional waves.

  • Sustainability

    Our products are made with premium leather cutoffs. What does that mean? Well, our leather is sourced from a custom furniture company who sells the pieces that are left over. We make small, intentional products from the excess pieces, ensuring that as little of this special material goes to waste.

  • Artisanal Craftsmanship

    These leather products are all cut and stitched by hand, using traditional saddle-stitching techniques. Not only does it ensure that the products are durable and made to last for years, they also have a little extra magic in them.

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